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Site Accessibility

Along the top of every page are several options to allow for the best possible user experience.

Both text size, and website contrast can be changed. For information on each please read the descriptions below.

Adjusting text size

All modern browsers allow for dynamic text resizing using your keyboard.

To change text size, simply hold down "ctrl" and press either the plus key  "+"  to increase text size, or the minus key "-" to decrease text size. If you would like to return text size to the website default hold "ctr;" and press the zero key "0".

Adjusting contrast

Clicking this link will change the contrast in which the website is presented. This may allow certain users to view the content more clearly. The contrast link is located at the top of every page. Use this link to switch from the default view, to high contrast, and back again. contrast widget

Skip to Content

When clicked this link will skip the user past the header and menu to the pain content of a particular page. This button is located at the top of every page.

Site Map

This link leads to a text only breakdown of the various pages of the site, allowing some users to navigate to a specific page more easily. This button is located at the top of every page.

Using a keyboard to navigate around this site

Most browsers allow you to navigate using the "Tab" key to jump from link to link. To navigate backwards, use "Shift + Tab".

Links which open in a new window

Links which open in a new window are marked with the following icon new window icon. In order to notify users of a potential navigation change, this icon has alt text indicating "The following link will open in a new window".

PDF Links

Links which lead to a pdf file are marked with the following icon p d f icon. This links require you to have a program (such as adobe reader) capible of opening pdf files.  You can download adobe reader for free on Adobe's website.